Achieve success by using your body differently

Power poses for personal presence

How we stand affects our speech and conveys our self-image. We need to be aware of our stance and when the time is right, use those power poses. As you know I’m a coach and trainer for 3 Plus International which provides programs for high potential women and companies who believe in gender balance. You might […]

Body language and posture, a podcast

The importance of body language and posture I’ve made a podcast on body language with a fellow coach, Dennis Fredrickx from The Happiness Factory. Topic was body language and posture. You can listen to it here. Dennis and I talk about the importance of being able to really feel what is happening inside your body, […]

Breathing problems? Keep your neck long and shoulders down.

Be aware of your shoulders and neck position when you do breathing exercises When you learn breathing exercises you will be told to keep your shoulders down and relaxed. Which is certainly an important element. If the shoulders are raised your diaphragm is pulled upwards which makes it more difficult to breathe properly. The position […]