Achieve success by using your body differently

strategic face profilers

What do your facial micro-movements reveal about you?

Facial Expressions – an essential way to communicate Did you know that your face can reveal whether you would have the tendency to freeze, flee or fight when under stress? We all know that our body language – including our facial movements or expressions – give away information. It is an essential part of how […]

Spontaneous movements - let your body be the guide

Taijiwuxigong and spontaneous movements Spontaneous movements are an integral part of Taijiwuxigong, the system of exercises that my teacher, Dr Shen Hongxun has developed. Our body is moving ‘spontaneously’ all the time: blood is flowing, heart is beating, stomach is digesting food, muscles are contracting and relaxing, etc. All these movements are going all the […]

Breathe into your belly

Find the centre of your body and breathe. The resting point in your body is in your abdomen, more specifically in what we call the lower Dantien. The Dantien is about 4 finger widths below the navel and 4 finger widths inwards. In this blog article I already wrote about this and describe various techniques that […]