Achieve success by using your body differently

Breathing problems? Keep your neck long and shoulders down.

Be aware of your shoulders and neck position when you do breathing exercises When you learn breathing exercises you will be told to keep your shoulders down and relaxed. Which is certainly an important element. If the shoulders are raised your diaphragm is pulled upwards which makes it more difficult to breathe properly. The position […]

Good posture, important for your spine, important for your health

Good posture, better back We all know that good posture will relax your back and open the spinal column. The muscles in the back loosen up and you will have less tension and pain. And you also look better when you are standing and sitting straight! The vertebral column carries our weight. From a young […]

Are you too much in your head? Think about your belly.

Get into your belly Sometimes we feel like things are getting too much for our head to take in. Or we feel like we’re continuously thinking, analysing, judging. Or we worry all the time. And we get so tired of all that thinking… Sounds familiar? Keep reading here – article I wrote for 3 Plus international. […]