Achieve success by using your body differently

Breathe into your belly

Find the centre of your body and breathe. The resting point in your body is in your abdomen, more specifically in what we call the lower Dantien. The Dantien is about 4 finger widths below the navel and 4 finger widths inwards. In this blog article I already wrote about this and describe various techniques that […]

What does it mean, to relax?

How do you relax? We often talk about #stress and #stressmanagement, especially when we are confronted with #burnout or similar conditons. But we don’t ask ourselves the question what it means to be really relaxed. When we want to relax, we might go and collapse in a comfy chari or sofa. But are you really […]

Power poses for personal presence

How we stand affects our speech and conveys our self-image. We need to be aware of our stance and when the time is right, use those power poses. As you know I’m a coach and trainer for 3 Plus International which provides programs for high potential women and companies who believe in gender balance. You might […]