Breathe into your belly

Find the centre of your body and breathe.

The resting point in your body is in your abdomen, more specifically in what we call the lower Dantien. The Dantien is about 4 finger widths below the navel and 4 finger widths inwards. In this blog article I already wrote about this and describe various techniques that you can use to activate and reinforce your Dantien.

Good body posture

Breathe down

A technique that I did not mention in that article is one where you use breathing and attention:
Sit relaxed on a chair – or on the floor or a stool, whichever is easy for you. Keep the back straight and long, slightly pull in the chin in order to elongate your neck.
Feel the contact of your feet and your sit bones in the buttocks with the floor / chair. The crown of your head pushes up slightly.
Watch your breathing. Breathe in slowly, all the way to your lower abdomen. Feel that your diaphragm goes down and exerts a slight pressure onto the stomach.
If you encounter tension along the way, observe it, don’t let it upset you. Kindly ask that part of your body to relax. Maybe that’s possible, maybe not. What is important is that you treat this tension lovingly. And when you find that the stress gives additional tension, treat it with love.
Breathe out quietly and relaxed.
Do this for a few minutes or as long as you want.


With this exercise you can relax very deeply in your body and mind. Do this regularly so that you become more aware of the area of ​​your Dantien. At times when you notice that you are being tense, it may be enough to briefly bring your attention and breathing back to where you can relax.

Want to know/do more?

Do contact me for individual coaching on better posture and stress management. There is a Taijiwuxigong Summer workshop in the Ardennes from 24 – 29 July 2018. It is held in Dutch but translation into English is certainly possible.


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