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Coach & Corporate Trainer

m4m april 2014 6Sofie-Ann Bracke has a clear mission: to promote better understanding of body language and posture, thereby improving physical, emotional and mental well-being. This has benefits for all walks of life and is especially useful in today’s business world, enabling clear thinking and effectiveness on the job. Through awareness of the body we can dramatically change mental and emotional processes, bringing about a transformation in the way we ‘stand’ in this world. Sofie-Ann has developed expertise in assisting her clients achieve success in presentations, resolve issues through mediation, and to produce more effective results at work through clearer understanding of themselves and interpersonal communications.

Sofie-Ann’s diverse training and work experience empowers her to coach her clients on several levels, including physical health, concentration, perception, communication, and effective self-presentation. Read more on Sofie-Ann Bracke here.

Trainings and coachings:

1. Training in Body Language and Facial Expressions
Understand what you and others are showing, feeling, thinking and improve your communication skills. Ideal for Sales, HR, management. Read more….

2. Personal analysis of  Body Language
Become aware of how you operate and gain a better understanding of the changes that are necessary to achieve better results. The confrontation with yourself on camera and observing your own behaviour says much more than a long explanation. Ideal for people in leading positions, negotiators, speakers.

3. Power Moves
Power Moves is a workshop which combines insights from Qigong and Body Language.  Read more….

4. Qigong training

tw-nov-14-21Qigong (pronounced Chi-Gong) is like a meditation in movement which simultaneously provides a gentle workout for the body. It helps to improve posture and health while reducing stress levels. People report feeling lighter, stronger and happier when they do Qigong exercises on a regular basis. In my workshops I give practical tips for better standing and sitting in daily life. Qigong differs only slightly from Taiji: In Taiji you learn a sequence of movements, in Qigong you learn separate movements which are easy to remember. Read more….


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