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Increase your effectiveness in communication.

Body Language and Facial Expressions

woorden in lichamenTraining in Body Language increases awareness of the body language of self and others, helps to more effectively present one’s self, and develops awareness of the subconscious reactions of others during negotiations and interviews.  Research shows that our body language not only affects others but also ourselves. For example, a smile in a stressful situation, even if it is not a genuine smile, can reduce our heart rate and blood pressure. Similarly, strong, expansive positions increase the testosterone levels in the body and reduce cortisol levels.  With such compelling evidence as to the effectiveness of our own personal choices of body language, we can see the importance of mastering this art of expression.

The analysis of facial expressions enables us to have an on-the-spot assessment of the status of a negotiation, giving us the opportunity to adjust a strategy to more effectively present our point of view.  The BLINK Conversation Technique is explored, with the purpose of deepening our perception of the non-verbal cues of what others are thinking and feeling, thereby improving our understanding of another’s point of view. Through awareness of the body language of self and others, people gain confidence, feel more empowered, and overall performance is enhanced.  Ideal for Sales, HR, management.

Body Language Training generates more sales, more accuracy in recruitment and better results in negotiations.

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Courses are tailored to the client’s needs.

Possibilities include:

# Trainings:
– 1 hour Interactive Body Language Keynote
– 2 hours Body Language Training Team Event
– Body Language Training for Management, Sales and HR. Duration can be half a day, 1 to 4 days
– Personal Coaching for CEOs

Ideal for team building, incentives, seminars, congresses. Fun and educational at the same time!
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Personal Body Language Coaching
What two things do successful people, including Top Managers, famous actors and leaders have in common?
Efficient communication and effective coaching. 

Personal Body Language Coaching can be provided on its own or as a complement to a Body Language and Facial Expressions course. We do an analysis of your body language which offers you an instantaneous onscreen awareness of how you operate and gives you an understanding of the changes necessary to achieve better results. The confrontation with yourself on camera and watching your own behaviour is an extremely effective learning tool – far more effective than a long explanation.  Your communication techniques are analysed, interventions are offered for quick improvement, and stage presence is enhanced, invaluable for interviews and PR.  Ideal for leaders, negotiators, speakers.

Personal Body Language Coaching can help you to:
– give impressive presentations
– reduce stage fright
– interview more effectively
– make a good first impression and develop better social contacts
– resolve conflicts more easily
– improve management skills
– give media interviews and PR
– improve social skills

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Power Moves
Change your body language, change your mindset
Power Moves is a workshop combining insights from Body Language and Facial Expressions with the practical exercises of Qigong.  This is a course specifically designed by Sofie-Ann for leaders and corporations, a synthesis of her years of experience in teaching, coaching and mediation.

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What you get from Body Language Training:
– Confidence in reading emotions on the faces of people you’re working with so that you can monitor whether you’re effective in persuasion.  More confidence during negotiations.
– Access to a whole new world of subconscious information about what people really feel and want.
– During meetings, you can see when people are in agreement with you and when you need to change tactics.
– More awareness of the people around you.
– A better connection with people and more authenticity in your relationships.
– The trust of those around you.  People will tell you the truth because they feel at ease with you.

The best business deals are based on good personal relationships and integrity.

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