Qigong and Taiji

Improve your body awareness and posture

sofie-ann-brack-eerstvolgende-workshopQigong consists of simple exercises designed to improve health, circulation and posture.  These exercises allow more comfort in sitting and standing, and also reduce stress level – ideal for hours at the computer, meetings, travel, and giving presentations. Qigong is like meditation in movement and at the same time is a gentle workout for the body. Qigong differs only slightly from Taiji: in Taiji you learn a sequence of movements, whereas in Qigong you learn separate movements which are easy to remember.  Everyone can do these exercises, regardless of current physical condition. People report feeling lighter, stronger and happier when they regularly perform Qigong exercises.

In the workshops Sofie-Ann gives practical tips to each participant for better standing and sitting in daily life, which can achieve tangible results such as alleviating back pain and increasing concentration levels.

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Qigong helps you to:
– develop more body awareness
– improve your posture
– feel calmer, lighter and less stressed
– ground yourself
– find your own strength
– feel you have a grip on your own body, especially in the case of burn-out, chronic fatigue syndrome and other chronic complaints
– alleviate back ache and pain

I provide in-company workshops, team building and regular training.

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