Assistance through mediation in a variety of difficult or complex situations.


Bemiddeling Sofie-Ann BrackeMediation is an effective and constructive means of resolving conflicts without going to court. The mediator is a neutral third party who helps both sides come to an agreement. A mediator does not take sides – he or she helps both parties to communicate more effectively and constructively.

Sofie-Ann Bracke is a registered Mediator in Belgium, with Degrees in Law from the University of Ghent and the (French) University of Brussels. She can provide mediation in situations such as:

  • Disputes between companies
  • Disagreements between employees within a company
  • Consumer disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Personal and family issues, divorce, disagreements concerning children, merged families

She can also provide training in mediation and non-violent communication.

CONTACT ME HERE or call +32 (0)486 93 11 22.

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