About Sofie-Ann Bracke


Helping people to develop themselves

Sofie-Ann Bracke has a clear mission:

1. To promote better understanding of our body language and posture, thereby improving physical, emotional and mental well-being. This has benefits for all walks of life and is especially useful in today’s business world, enabling clear thinking and effectiveness on the job. Through the awareness of the body we can dramatically change mental and emotional processes, bringing about a transformation in the way we ‘stand’ in this world. Sofie-Ann has developed expertise in assisting her clients achieve success in presentations, resolve issues through mediation, and to achieve more effective results at work through clearer understanding of themselves  and interpersonal communications.

2. To help people accept themselves as they are, becoming more tolerant towards themselves and others. To help people feel more connected to other people, and to work with them rather than against them. To build consensus, establishing a strong base for effective action.

Sofie-Ann’s diverse training and work experience empowers her to coach her clients on several levels, including physical health, concentration, perception, communication, and effective self-presentation.
She has  a degree in law from the University Ghent (1987) and a degree in European Law from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (1988).  She studied Chinese Medicine and Energy exercises with Dr. Shen Hongxun at the International Buqi Institute (from 1990 onwards) and has a diploma from the London College of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and clinical training at The Ho Chi Minh City Acupuncture College in Vietnam (1997). She trained in Non-Violent Communication with Pat Patfoort at De Vuurbloem (from 2005 onwards), and completed the Medation Training at the University of Antwerp (2011). In the same year she also studied Body Language at the Center of Body Language in Antwerp.

Sofie-Ann worked as a legal advisor from 1987 to 1991. She then moved to London. From 1992 to the present she has organised and taught training programs of Taijiwuxigong for groups of up to 200 people in the UK, Belgium and Holland. Taijiwuxigong, the Qigong system developed by dr Shen Hongxun emphasises the importance of good posture, using the body efficiently to feel more resilience and flexibility on the physical, mental and emotional levels.  Sofie-Ann is a practicing mediator, empowering her clients to avoid confrontations in court by negociating resolutions to legal disputes. She is a certified trainer and coach in Body Language at the Center for Body Language in Antwerp, where she has developed a specialised course in Power Moves for individuals and organisations.

Sofie-Ann offers courses and seminars tailored to the needs of the client. In-company training comes in various formats, including two to five-hour introductory presentations on body language.  Courses of several days are also offered for groups of up to 30 people incorporating the combined facets of Sofie-Ann’s teachings including Body Language and Facial Expressions, Personal Analysis of Body Language, simple Chinese exercises to improve posture and health, as well as mediation techniques useful in negotiation.

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