Spontaneous movements – let your body be the guide

Taijiwuxigong and spontaneous movements

Spontaneous movements are an integral part of Taijiwuxigong, the system of exercises that my teacher, Dr Shen Hongxun has developed.

Our body is moving ‘spontaneously’ all the time: blood is flowing, heart is beating, stomach is digesting food, muscles are contracting and relaxing, etc. All these movements are going all the time without us being aware of it. They are a kind of spontaneous movements but we don’t feel them that much – just as well, imagine that we would constantly be aware of all those movements, that would be very tiring – to say the least :-).

The kind of spontaneous movements we can experience in Taijiwuxigong are different. When you stand in the right position, i.e. when your centre of gravity coincides with the Dantian in the lower abdomen, and you relax the mind, then the earth force – as Dr Shen called it – can come up through the legs and activate the lower Dantian. Then your body can start moving of its own accord. Like it knows what to do in order to clear blockages, release tension and relax.


What kind of movements can you get?

There can be all kinds of reactions. Very often you might first feel vibrations. There might be subtle vibrations in the legs and/or lower abdomen. Or stronger shaking is also possible, especially in the legs. A sensation of swaying back and forth may occur, or a feeling as if there is a force coming up from the ground, pushing you up or forwards.

Other possible reactions are yawning, sighing, burping, breaking wind, sweating. Or getting hot, feeling tingling in the arms and hands, parts of the body getting numb.

You might get emotional reactions, like tears welling up, or feeling anger or frustation. Or you might start laughing.

All those reactions are normal. They help to regulate the body. Everybody is different, so the reactions will be different for each person. It depends on what your body needs in order to release physical and emotional tension and discomfort.


Function of spontaneous movements

Using spontaneous movements is NOT about losing control. If we keep remembering the connection with the earth we can stop the movements from happening any time we want.

The spontaneous movements help to release tension, pain and other forms of discomfort. All these sensations are caused by what we call ‘binqi’. a Chinese word which you can loosely translate as waste products. Waste products can get stuck in various parts of the body. This can be a result of poor posture but also of emotional stress, or a combination of both. Spontaneous movements help us to release this binqi. In this way they help to improve posture. And because they also clear emotional stress they can help with old or new emotional wounds and trauma’s.

The movements also help to open the joints and relax the muscles in the whole body, from head to toe.

Moreover, with spontaneous movements we can learn to use our body as a unit and move from the lower Dantian. We can be quite stiff and use our body in such a way that we are only using parts of it. We see our body as separate units, head, arms, legs. We lose our flexibility this way. Learning to move from the lower Dantian will make us more flexible and relaxed.

If you want to know more about Taijiwuxigong as a system of energetic exercises, do contact me for information on workshops and teaching. You are also welcome to my lessons and workshops. These are held in Dutch but translation into English is always possible.

For more background information on Taijiwuxigong please visit Taijiwuxigong en Dr Shen Hongxun.

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