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Spontaneous movements – let your body be the guide

Taijiwuxigong and spontaneous movements Spontaneous movements are an integral part of Taijiwuxigong, the system of exercises that my teacher, Dr Shen Hongxun has developed. Our body is moving ‘spontaneously’ all the time: blood is flowing, heart is beating, stomach is digesting food, muscles are contracting and relaxing, etc. All these movements are going all the […]Read more

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Breathe into your belly

Find the centre of your body and breathe. The resting point in your body is in your abdomen, more specifically in what we call the lower Dantien. The Dantien is about 4 finger widths below the navel and 4 finger widths inwards. In this blog article I already wrote about this and describe various techniques that […]Read more

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What does it mean, to relax?

How do you relax? We often talk about #stress and #stressmanagement, especially when we are confronted with #burnout or similar conditons. But we don’t ask ourselves the question what it means to be really relaxed. When we want to relax, we might go and collapse in a comfy chari or sofa. But are you really […]Read more

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Breathing problems? Keep your neck long and shoulders down.

Be aware of your shoulders and neck position when you do breathing exercises When you learn breathing exercises you will be told to keep your shoulders down and relaxed. Which is certainly an important element. If the shoulders are raised your diaphragm is pulled upwards which makes it more difficult to breathe properly. The position […]Read more

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Good posture, important for your spine, important for your health

Good posture, better back We all know that good posture will relax your back and open the spinal column. The muscles in the back loosen up and you will have less tension and pain. And you also look better when you are standing and sitting straight! The vertebral column carries our weight. From a young […]Read more

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Are you too much in your head? Think about your belly.

Get into your belly Sometimes we feel like things are getting too much for our head to take in. Or we feel like we’re continuously thinking, analysing, judging. Or we worry all the time. And we get so tired of all that thinking… Sounds familiar? Keep reading here – article I wrote for 3 Plus international. […]Read more

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Stress? Burnout? Remember the body

What you can do to cope with stress? Stress is something we all have to deal with, every single day. That is fine as it propels us to be active. It becomes a problem when we feel powerless to change anything about the situation we’re in. Many people who come to my lessons or individual […]Read more

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Where is your tongue?

What’s the position of your tongue in your mouth? Many people have their tongue in the middle or down in the mouth. However, when your mouth is closed your tongue is in a good position when lying against the palate, with the tip just above the upper teeth. When the part of your tongue that […]Read more

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The mind influences the body, the body influences the mind

Mind and body influence each other, so much is clear. Watch these two short videos that I made, one on smiling and one on body posture. Enjoy! Feel free to contact me for training and coaching in body posture and body language.Read more

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Taiji for those who recover from cancer


We’ve been filmed by the city of Antwerp with the ‘Rekanto’ group! Rekanto is an initiative of the Belgian organisation ‘Stichting tegen kanker – Foundation contre le cancer’ for people who have cancer to help them recover during and after the treatment and to get movement back into their lives. The program provides taiji and […]Read more

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